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Friday, August 8, 2008

Supernumerary kidney

A 3.5 yo girl who admited with UTI month ago, was under treatment with prophilactic antibiotic (cefexim)

In US there was a hyronephrosis in left side and VUR in DRNC also

Here is her Renal Cortical Spect. Image; The right kidney showed with acceptable and homogeneous radiotrace uptake through out. There are two addition radiotracer uptakes in front of this kidney thath is better identified on 3D spect images The left kidney showed mildly diminished uptake through out. The differential renal function in the left kideny is 44% and right is 56% the buttom line was, Normal right renal cortical mass is noted. Mild dysfunction of left renal cortical mass is noted too. There is evidence of supernumerary kidney in the right side

Her physical exam and urin analysis was normal, so ABx therapy continued, and we asked for periodic U/A and U/C and anther US for next 3 month for following up the right kidney

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