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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sever obesity

A 3 month years old baby girl referred to our hospital with tachypnea and respiratory distress and a history of sever obesity since 1 month

We did some workups but due to pneumonia (obvious in chest x-ray), she needed to be in PICU, and I didn’t find the final diagnosis (GSD or adrenal carcinoma):

Normal abdominal US.

CBC : WBC: 17900 (N 57%, L 35%), Hb:13.8 (MCV: 84), Plt:400000

ESR 30

ABG pH:7.28, pCO2:32 HCO3:15

CSF analysis: Glu:123, Pr. 35 WBC:0-1 RBC:0-1

BS:177, Urea:21,Cr:0.5, Ca:10.8, Na:141, K:4.6

AST:56, ALT:38, Alk-P:222, Biliirubin: 0.2 (D: 0.1)

Total Pr. 5.6, Albumin 3.5



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